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2020 Goals: Quality Over Quantity When Skincare Launches Are Routine

As we wrap up the first month of the year, I love to reflect on goals and plans for the rest of the year, as well as re-evaluate how I'm carryout out existing goals. Doing this at the end of the January instead of at the new year alleviates the pressure of getting resolutions right and not 'messing up,' something I think so many people feel, and what is ultimately a deterrent to healthy self-examination and change. I do this on a personal level, but also for Be Fancy.

In 2019, I set forth the standards that, in addition to being vegan and cruelty-free, all Be Fancy products would be multi-purpose and always under $20 in alignment with the brand mission to be accessible, affordable, and maintain a small ecological footprint. 

As I reflect on how Be Fancy is maintaining and promoting these standards, I am reminded of the commitment to showing customers the various ways a single product can be effectively incorporated into skincare and makeup routines. My goal for 2020 to expand on this is to increase video and visual tutorials, and ask customers to share the different ways they use Be Fancy multi-purpose products. I love seeing how many repeat customers use Be Fancy, and I would love to grow our community by current customers sharing their routines with new customers. 

In 2019, Be Fancy became a family of 5 products after launching with just one product in August 2017. Each of the five products was thoughtfully created to address everyday skincare needs, as well as also serve various aspects of makeup routines. In an industry where products launch frequently, and manipulative marketing leads customers to think they need a product they really don't, I am very conscious of the products Be Fancy brings to market. I want to focus on quality over quantity. I want to listen to customers thoughts on current products and address those as needed, including releasing improved reformulations. I want to make sure any new products meet current Be Fancy standards and fill a gap in the current line, rather than just launching a product that contributes to unnecessary consumerism. 

Intentionality is the word for 2020. Here's to making thoughtful decisions, listening to customer ideas, and taking the time to provide quality products over quick launches. 

2020 here we come!

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