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Double Cleansing, Is It Twice As Much Work?

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Double cleansing, like many of beauty’s current big things, has a centuries-old origin in Korea and Japan and is an effective way to not only remove makeup, but sweat, dirt, and pollutants that have built up on the skin and in pores during the day.  Each cleanse has a specific purpose using specific ingredients, with the first cleanse used to pull out grime and makeup, and the second to gently rinse it all away, leaving a clean, healthy skin that is ready to defend against breakouts and ready for the next day.

For the first cleanse, choose any oil-based cleanser. This can be a liquid oil cleanser, a balm, or an oil-in-water cleanser cream with emollients such as our So, So Coco, which is especially great for dry or sensitive skin. It’s important to use an oil-based cleanser because both makeup and the sebum of the skin are oil-based and, simply put, oil attracts oil. After gently massaging in the cleanser and wiping away the impurities with a wet microfiber cloth or water, your skin is left with only its natural oils.

double cleansing makeup remover

The second cleanse uses a water or glycerin-based product, and is basically your typical lather-and-rinse face wash. Costs for the cleansers in both steps run the gamut in terms of price range, but generally, there is an effective product for every budget, from drugstore to luxury line.  However, it is especially important to choose cleansers that are formulated specifically for your skin type (oily, dry, normal or combination).

double cleansing makeup remover

One of the most common questions I hear with regard to double cleansing is, “Does it take a long time?”  The answer: No, not at all! I’ve been double cleansing for quite a while now, and it adds only a few extra minutes to my evening routine.  And the end result -- my especially soft, supple, and hydrated skin -- is easily worth that extra time.

Another question I often hear is whether double cleansing is good for all skin types?  This question is, of course, more difficult to answer because skin can be so different.  In general, if you are using products tailored specifically to your skin, then double cleansing should be beneficial.  However, conditions like rosacea and eczema, especially if severe, are examples where double cleansing could cause issues, and a dermatologist should be consulted first.

Happy Cleansing!

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