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Finding Extra Purpose in Multi-Purpose Products

Be Fancy is known for multi-purpose products, and when products are in the beginning stages those exact desired purposes are laid out so the product can be formulated properly. Every once in a while, bonus purposes or benefits come to light that weren't intended or planned for in the beginning. Stay was tested extensively for it's ability to act as an effective primer and moisturizer, the purposes this product was formulated for. 

As a brand owner, there are periods where I find myself testing new Be Fancy products, as well as other products on the market to get ideas of what's out there. However since July of 2019 I have been able to only use Stay as my primer and moisturizer. Aside from keeping my makeup in place on days I wore foundation, I was able to immediately enjoy hydrated skin. However, a few months into my exclusive use of Stay, I began to notice an even bigger change. Watch below for my Stay story:

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