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Get the Most Out of Be Fancy Products!

be fancy skincare vegan cruelty-free

At Be Fancy, we pride ourselves on creating products that are multi-purpose and can fit into your routine in a variety of ways. 

Here's a quick rundown and reminder of how each product can be used, and if you've found another way you like to use our products, please let us know! 

So, So Coco: 

  • makeup remover cream
  • daily cleanser
  • shaving cream?! Yes! Turns our several customers have tried it as a shaving cream in a pinch, and the gentle emollients provide a soft shave.

So, So Coco Stay:

  • daily face moisturizer
  • primer under makeup
  • mixed in with Avocado Dose facial oil, patted into the skin overnight to wake up to baby-soft skin

Face Tea:

  • face mist/refresher to wake up or for an afternoon pick-me-up
  • setting spray
  • misted onto a brush to enhance color payout

EYES cream:

  • patted twice daily under and around eye for hydration and treating puffiness
  • right before/under concealer to avoid pilling 

Avocado Dose: 

  • patted into skin to treat dryness and redness
  • mixed into foundation for smooth application, especially useful for dry skin and in cold weather
  • mixed into Stay for a moisturizing overnight treatment

Watch below as Kierra shows the various uses described above!

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