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Multi-Purpose Products: Getting the Most Out of Your Beauty Purchases

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Seeing so many new releases and must-haves daily in colorful, beautifully crafted photos on Instagram, it's easy to accrue quite a collection of beauty products. Besides the dilemma of finding a place for everything, it's hard to find time to use each product, often creating a lot of unused items, and eventually waste. 

Enter multi-purpose products such as Face Tea and So, So Coco.

Have another setting spray in mind one day because you want a matte look? No worries, Face Tea also can be used in the following ways:

  • Spray Face Tea on face and blend foundation or color cosmetics in for a dewy look, or spray brush with Face Tea for similar effect
  • Correct over-powdering by spritzing face & gently wiping off excess
  • Spray directly onto makeup brush and apply products as usual to prolong wear and bolden look
  • For extreme glow, apply highlight after misting cheekbones
  • Refresh face throughout day 

What about So, So Coco makeup remover? Like Face Tea it doesn't just have one purpose. Daily makeup removal is its main use, however it also works as a cleanser and skin purifier. Similarly to using for makeup removal, we suggest gently massaging the cream into skin and wiping off with a damp microfiber cloth. With or without makeup, So, So Coco's emollients soothe your skin and keep it flexible, while coconut oil and vitamin E, specifically, act as cleansing agents. No makeup? No problem, So, So Coco is still here for you!

Understanding the ingredients in your beauty products and what they do for your skin is key to knowing all the ways in which they can be used. We always include full ingredient lists and highlight top ingredients as part of our dedication to customer education. What works for one person's routine may not for someone else, and it might take some experimentation to find how products best work with your skin, but thinking outside the box will open up a variety of new ways to use products as well as get you some 'empties' in a beauty world that can be very wasteful.


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