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New Year, New Skin (Novice Edition)

With a new year comes the pressure and expectation that we do something different than last year – and that we stick to these changes or else feel like we’ve failed. Weight-loss, diet, and exercise are often the focus, which often, despite good intentions, end up being emotionally unhealthy and obsessive resolutions as they are done without the assistance of professionals and with the hope of being a fix to other issues. So what other changes can you make to get 2019 off to a fresh start?

Skincare is often seen as time-consuming, tedious, and complicated. But it’s not. Or least it doesn’t have to be. There is a skincare routine for everyone, and with so many products on the market, it is easy to tailor your routine to both your skin type and lifestyle. Below we’re including the basics, some very easy first steps for those just getting into skincare that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Each AM and PM –

Find a gentle cleanser: Washing your face each night might seems obvious even to the skincare novice, but it’s an easy one to skip, or skimp on, relegating face ‘washing’ to rinsing in the shower or grabbing a makeup remover wipe and swiping it a few times across the face. Along with getting enough sleep, wearing sunscreen, and drinking water, washing your face is at the top of must-dos when it comes to skincare.

makeup remover and cleanser so, so coco echo park los angeles

This can be a drugstore cleanser, our So, So Coco, or a high-end product you’ve been eyeing on Instagram. But the important thing is to get in a routine and stick with it! Our faces absorb not only the makeup and lotion we put on it, but also everyday toxins from pollution. An evening wash is ridding your pores of a days worth of gunk. Think of all the residue you are leaving on your pillow each night when you don’t wash your face!

Scare tactics aside, the simple act of washing your face can feel luxurious and satisfying, and the self-care that goes into it might just translate into a desire to make changes in other areas of your life as well.

You’re halfway done! I did say easy. How far you want to go after these basics is up to you and your skin needs, but these are really the two things that should be non-negotiables in your skincare routine each day and your options come in a variety of price-points.

Moisturize: The one really important thing to look for in a moisturizer is that it is formulated specifically for the face, where our skin is thinner and more sensitive. Bottom line, a body lotion will clog your pores, as well as fail to treat things like acne and blackheads.

vegan makeup primer and moisturizer

My maybe-not-unbiased-but-confident-in-our-product recommendation is Stay, our primer/moisturizer that works great as a moisturizer for those of you who don’t wear makeup or don’t know what a primer is yet. Dab a little on your forehead and both cheeks, and pat into the skin for maximum absorption.

And that’s it! Not complicated and takes a few minutes at most. Of course, depending on any skin conditions you have, you may want to add more steps. However, cleansing and moisturizing are two simple things to start 2019 off well!

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