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Patting vs. Rubbing, What’s the Best Way to Apply Product?

Though it’s easy to think we would just apply lotion or any cream to our face the way we do the rest of our body, by rubbing it in, the truth is the skin on our face, and especially under our eyes, is far more sensitive and has different needs and vulnerabilities.

First, let’s talk about method. It really is as simple as just gently patting or tapping cream into the skin on your face. One way to make sure you don’t miss any patches is to dab a dot of product on 4-5 areas around your face and make your way around, patting the product into each area. This also ensures your skin is drinking up the product by pushing it in, whereas rubbing product over your face can lead to your face competing with your hands for moisture.

Another great method for maximum absorption of product is to warm up the product first by gently moving it between your fingers, then use the patting method above. This essentially melts the product right into your skin. True, some product will just be absorbed by your fingers, but far less than if you were to fully rub it over your face.

Lastly, another benefit of this application method is it boosts blood circulation, which in turn supports healthier skin and cell growth.

If these benefits aren’t appealing to you yet, how about this. Rubbing skin is tantamount to pulling it, and when it comes to our face, and especially under the eyes, the skin is stretchy but also very thin. Meaning, if you stretch it too much, eventually it will begin to stay with sagging skin and wrinkles, beyond the natural aging process. So, here’s to patting!

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