Who We Are

In a (coco)Nutshell

Be Fancy is an indie beauty company committed to making ethical products. By ethical, we mean products that are safe, cruelty-free, fully transparent regarding what is in them, and have a small ecological footprint. All of our products are made in the United States, in an FDA-registered, GMP-compliant lab. We aim to treat ourselves, animals and the environment with care, or fancy, if you will. Our eco-system and future depends on it. 

Safe and Cruelty Free

We incorporate as many natural ingredients as possible, including flower and plant oils and extracts. These have antibacterial, cleansing and moisturizing properties that work as well in makeup removal or preservation as chemicals, some of which have been flagged as unsafe in makeup products.

In addition, our products never use animal by-products, parabens, talc, PEGs, BHA/BHT, or synthetic fragrances, and we are committed to being cruelty-free and only use labs that do not test on animals.


Affordable and Ecological

Packaging can often contribute significantly to the cost of makeup. To be as affordable to as many people as possible, we use high quality but minimalistic recyclable packaging that saves our customers money AND reduces the ecological footprint of our products. As far as we’re concerned, we’re not only in the beauty business, but the “preserve our planet” business!


Ingredient Transparent

We encourage our customers to understand the products they place on their skin, including what is in them and how they are made. Towards this end, we organize our ingredient lists so that they are easy to read. In addition, we highlight the top four or five ingredients, including their role in the product.



About The Founder: Meet Natalie

No one is born knowing what each beauty product is and what it does, and without this knowledge the cosmetics and skincare industries can be very overwhelming. This can lead to people not properly taking care of their skin and unknowingly choosing products with unsafe ingredients. I was once in that place, steering clear of specialty beauty stores which I felt were far too complicated for me, and grabbing the cheapest item I could find at the drugstore.

After years of diving into the beauty industry by playing with makeup, testing skincare, reading about ingredients and watching YouTube videos, I learned exactly what I wanted in my products. The problem? I couldn’t afford most brands that strictly excluded ingredients such as parabens, PEGs, and phthalates, to name a few, were transparent in their ingredients and sourcing, and were vegan and cruelty-free. I also struggled to find brands meant for the average person who uses products for function rather than glamour, which while I enjoy, it is not always practical on a daily basis.

I set out to create a brand that checked these categories, as well as was inviting, relatable, and fun. Be Fancy was born as a way to make high-quality products affordable, and to make beauty accessible and understandable to all. And as a bonus, while we take your face on vacation, we also take you on a visual vacation as we showcase our products traveling around the country and globe!

Thank you for checking out Be Fancy and I am excited to share my brand with you!